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Kanata Kitchen Renovations

Kanata Kitchen Renovations
Kanata Kitchen Renovations

If you've ever wished your kitchen had more space for entertaining, or you have more countertop surfaces to prepare food, then perhaps you'll want to consider kitchen renovations by Kanata Kitchen Renovations.

Kitchen renovations are available to revamp and revitalize your kitchen in every way, making the best use possible out of your existing space and features, all while refurbishing them to look and feel like new and giving your kitchen a fresh start.


Kitchen Flooring

The flooring in your kitchen is vital because it will need to be waterproof and offer durability for your frequent spills, messes, and foot traffic. For kitchen flooring, we often recommend installing hardwood flooring that's been sealed and finished or ceramic tiles that can easily be cleaned.

Both materials will offer you beauty and comfort and ensure that your surrounding kitchen space remains clean and free from debris. They're easy to clean and can withstand exposure to moisture from kitchen spills.



Just like your flooring, your kitchen's countertops are equally important and require a dense, strong material that won't succumb to spills or stains. You'll also want an easy-to-clean surface that you can host and entertain on without issue. For kitchen countertops, granite, quartz, and concrete are all excellent materials that can provide years of comfort and strength.

Not only will we assist in installing your countertops, but we can secure and finish them for optimal durability and longevity.



If you have existing cabinets in your kitchen, we can usually refinish them instead of getting rid of them entirely. Wooden cabinets can be sanded and re-stained with a new color to give them a fresh look, along with new hardware that lightens them up and modernizes their appearance.

If your current cabinets don’t have the capacity to serve you anymore, we can work with you to build new custom cabinets that fit perfectly into your space and offer you the storage you need. Shelves, closets, pantries, and drawers are all available in the same material that you choose for your new cabinets.



Lastly, you’ll want to invest wisely in a backsplash. The backsplash is the area behind your countertops that connects and covers the wall between the edge of the countertops and your cabinets.

Without a backsplash, you may find food staining and buildup on the surfaces of your wall that can be challenging to remove or clean off. With a ceramic tile backsplash, however, not only can it add design and dimension to your kitchen, but it makes for quick and efficient cleaning that doesn’t damage your walls.

Ceramic tile backsplashes can be installed around the fitted wall space of your kitchen and easily complement your flooring, countertops, cabinets, and any adjacent walls. The tiles are sealed together using a thin layer of neutral-colored mortar that holds them in place for security. If your backsplash cracks or breaks, the tiles can quickly be replaced with new ones by chipping out the surrounding mortar and inserting a new tile.

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