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Kanata Home Renovations

Kanata Home Renovations
Kanata Home Renovations
Kanata Home Renovations

Home renovations can be an ideal way to revitalize your home, update and modernize it as much as possible, and add more value to it. There are several ways in which you can tackle home renovations, including remodeling your entire home’s interiors, adding an extension or room addition onto the house, or converting current space into areas that can be better used and more practical. We help you find the best way to get the most out of your home.


Home Extensions

Home extensions enable you to reorganize your home's space and add more on where you see fit. Home extensions are usually built onto the side or back of the home and are then blended in with the exterior and interiors to mimic the appearance of being part of the original build. Home extensions can open up more space in your home and add to the overall square footage.

We've helped clients in the past with game and pool room extensions, extra bedrooms, storage rooms, as well as guest rooms or semi-detached guesthouses.

Other popular home extension choices include sunrooms or conservatories, greenhouses, and playrooms. Home extensions provide you with the freedom to add to your home and without feeling like you need to cram into the existing space or look for a new home that's bigger – we let you have the best of both worlds!


Room Conversions

If you have ever thought of turning that extra space in your home into something more practical, you can consider a room conversion. Room conversions enable you to take unused space and turn it into something practical, giving more interior space to your home and adding more value overall.

One of the most popular rooms to convert into a bedroom or extra living room area is an unused garage. Not only can we add insulation, flooring, bigger windows, and lighting, but turning your unused garage into a new room can provide more comfort and flexibility to your existing living quarters.


Building Codes

As with all of our home renovation projects, we always aim to ensure that new structures are erected with building codes, standards, and regulations in mind.

We may need to obtain special building permits to carry out any new building projects so that they comply with city rules and building codes. Buildings codes and standards are typically set out by the local authorities to prevent any building hazards and to keep all properties as orderly and safe as possible.


Safety and Quality

When taking on any renovation project, our team ensures adequate care and attention to the safety and quality of the work we deliver so that you can feel comfortable with the results. Our team prioritizes your satisfaction above all else and wants any home renovation project to be one you can count on and enjoy for many years to come. That's our guarantee to you and our promise to professionalism, safety, and quality with all that we do for your home renovations.

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