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Kanata Deck Builders

Kanata Deck Builders
Kanata Deck Builders

Are you looking to improve your outdoor space with a brand new deck? Time to call Kanata Deck Builders. Or do you simply want to add more comfort and structure to your pool's surroundings?

If so, then a deck is the perfect solution for you. Not only can we ensure you receive high-quality home renovation services, but we have experience working outside to build custom decks that fit your exteriors and deliver optimum beauty for your landscape.

Our decks can be built to give your lawn more dimension or to serve as the ideal location for deck furniture.


Types of Decks

There are various types of decking for you to choose from and the kind you do choose will likely depend on the space available and your budget. Some of the most popular kinds include wraparound decking, multilevel decking, or detached decking.

As per their names, you can have a deck that attaches to your home’s exterior and wraps around the outdoor space, or around the pool. Multilevel decking usually attaches to the home but has stairs leading to another leveled section of the deck, while detached decking is a standalone structure that isn’t attached to your home but stands freely in your lawn.


Deck Installation

Once you’ve decided what type of deck you’d like to opt for, we can then assist in designing it perfectly to fit your space and begin installing it. Installing a durable and long-term deck requires investing in quality materials and leveling out the land enough that the deck can securely be placed on top without issues.

We typically recommend using vinyl or hardwood for most outdoor decks because of their durability and strength. If your deck is placed on insecure or compromising land, it could lead to shifting in the materials, premature rotting or deterioration, and cracking.


Deck Repairs

If your deck does succumb to damages early on or after many years of use, you’ll want to invest in deck repairs to prolong the lifespan of your deck. Cracked baseboards don’t necessarily call for an entire deck replacement, as the damaged boards can simply be removed and replaced with a fresh board that’s more solid and durable.

To avoid weather damages or pests taking over your deck, you’ll want to ensure your deck is treated and sealed with protective coatings, which we can take care of for you.


Deck Safety

When concluding the building of your deck, we will also follow up our work with checks to make sure everything was installed correctly and securely.

Our quality assurance measures take into account the land your deck was built on, the materials used, the weight your deck can hold, how it’s been finished and sealed, and any other protective features that can keep it in prime condition for as long as possible.

To enhance the safety of your deck, even more, you can also consider deck fencing or gates around the perimeter of the deck, as well as plexiglass or barriers that enclose the deck.

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