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Kanata Bathroom Renovations

Kanata Bathroom Renovations
Kanata Bathroom Renovations
Kanata Bathroom Renovations

Like your kitchen, your bathroom is probably one of the most popular rooms in your home, where you unknowingly spend a lot of time in between transition to other rooms or throughout your busy schedule. Because of this, you'll want a bathroom set up and design that's welcoming, comforting, and beautiful. Your bathroom can provide an unbeatable level of comfort, as long as it's been laid out in an open, refreshing, and suitable manner. We help you do that!


Bathtub and Shower

The bathtub and shower are some of the most important components of any bathroom because you'll need space where you can wash and groom yourself with ease. Not only can we assist in installing a new bathtub or shower, but we can set up the fixtures in a way that gives you as much space as possible and allows you to freely wash without discomfort—no more squeezing into a tiny shower, barely fitting into an old bathtub, or having a showerhead that doesn't have the right water pressure. We take care of all of that for you!


Countertops and Flooring

The countertops and flooring in your bathroom must also be given extra care, mostly because they will come in contact with moisture regularly and need to be durable enough to withstand it. For most bathrooms, we recommend ceramic tile flooring because it’s smooth, easy to clean, and fits nicely with any bathroom aesthetic.

You can also have tiles or stones installed on the interiors of your standing shower, lining the bathtub, or around the walls. Ceramic tiles will not succumb to water damage, regardless of the condensation that your bath or shower will produce. As for countertops, just like your kitchen, granite, quartz, and marble are the best solutions.


Mirrors and Lighting

The mirrors and lighting in your bathroom offer the brightness and freshness you need when getting ready in the mornings or winding down at the end of the night.

Vanity mirrors are placed behind the sink for easy access, and lighting can be placed above the mirrors for more visibility, while bigger light fixtures can also be situated in the center of the bathroom, above the toilet, and above the shower. These are called spotlights, and they give those specific areas more brightness when you're using them and don't need all lights on at once.


Sinks and Toilets

In conjunction with your bathtub and shower, your sink and toilet are also crucial in completing your bathroom.

A bathroom is not a bathroom if it doesn't have a toilet, and we can assist with installing a new one, hauling away an old one, or giving your toilet's surrounding space the best treatment, including fitted tiles around the base, toilet paper fixtures fitted into the wall, and quality plumbing connections that keep your toilet flowing normally.

As with your sinks, we can install a standalone sink, as well as his-and-her sinks, premium faucets and drains, and adjacent counter space that allows you to store your items appropriately.

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